April 18, 2011

MOLO~ MOLO~~~~~~~. Howdy? Hope you have a nice day with MOLOME!! ^0^

I was born 2 weeks agao. My dad was very happy to have me as a new member of the family and gave me the name Strigiformesmolo, but I haven’t figure out how to … pronounce that yet…  So I just call myself MOLO~~~

I now have many friends, actually a lot of friends around the world. I think it is a good time for me to introduce myself to you all. MOLO!

Here is MOLO’s biography:


Fullname: Strigiformesmolo

Species: Owl

Nationality: MOWL

Birthday: Apr 6, 2011

Hometown: MOWL Town

Sex: Male

Blood Group: J

Height: 20 cm

Chest-Waist-Hip: 80-80-80 cm

Weight: 859 g

Status: Growing

Main Language: !!xo%#~0^” MOLO MOLO!!

Human Language Skill: Intermediate – Learning

Catchword: MOLO!

Occupation: Photo Courier

Food: Any fruit or vegetable but love square-shape fruits most!

Habit: Lively, Fresh, Kind, Courteous and Bashful

Costume: MOLO Suit

Most Preferred Gadget: Mobile Camera!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MOLOME

Twitter: http://twitter.com/molome


Hope you know me more now MOLO! Actually MOLO is very new to this lovely and beautiful world, so pleeeeeease teach me and give me suggestion if you happen to think of any >0<

After this MOLO will post my regular updates and exciting new stuffs here at MOLO’s blog, and Facebook page. For those of you who able to speak bird language or like tweeting, you can follow and talk to me at @molome. MOLO has so many things to share MOLO!!!

Lastly, MOLO wanna say one word from MOLO’s heart … “Thanks!!!” .. thanks to everyone for warm welcome and very good feedback. Let MOLO hug you alllllllllll. MOLO will not disappoint you. Hug hug hug!! MOLOOOOOO ^0^