September 17, 2012

Although it is just one year and a half passed but MOLO feel that it is such a very long happy time being with you all. MOLO think it is now a perfect time to renovate. And here is what is coming soon, the all new MOLOME v3 codename “Phoenix” !!

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MOLOME v3 comes with all new things: new UI, new backend and even new thing to share. Whole systems are redesigned and re-implemented from scratch to handle the mass transaction and to handle the new kind of media. Many of new cool features will also be available on the new MOLOME. That’s why MOLOME v3 ‘s codename is “Phoenix” because it was reborn from the ashes ! MOLO ^0^

MOLOME v3 will be available in every single major smartphone platform including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BB10 shortly. The first available platform version will be launched by this month (September) while the rest are expected to be launched in this Q4. MOLO ^0^

For Symbian, MeeGo and BlackBerry OS, although Nokia and RIM have already made an announcement that they will not support those OS-es anymore but MOLO will still keep improve the MOLOME v2 on these OS-es. However MOLO could not promise whether the new version will be available on Symbian, MeeGo and BlackBerry OS or not but MOLO will try my best. MOLO ! ^0^

What’s new in MOLOME v3? MOLO will keep you up to date on this blog. Please stay tuned. MOLOOOOOO ^0^