Tips & Tricks

August 30, 2012

Nowaday MOLO got some report regarding to application unable-to-open issue on BlackBerry due to ControlledAccessException or so. Actually this is BlackBerry platform’s security issue that causes application unable to launch properly if user press Deny the application on the first launch. And here is the fix for you who face this problem. MOLO ^0^

Go to your devices Options icon and choose Device

Select Application Management

Search for MOLOME

Press OK to enter Application Properties and then Press Edit Permissions

Make sure every single option is set to Allow (if possible)

Hope this helps. MOLO ! ^0^


June 9, 2011

Are you ready to show the world your great photos? Let MOLO helps you with new Automatic Popular Photos System!

With this new system, every single photo you upload will have a chance to be promoted as Popular Photo. The rule is real easy. Just be scored by your friends for 8 loves within 54 minutes after uploaded, that photo will be promoted to Popular… That’s all!!

Moreover, to let the photo reach as many users as possible, MOLO also implemented algorithm to pick up the popular photos randomly each times you refresh! By the way, each photo will be last long in popular system for two days. More fresh photo will have more chance to be chosen. However, please note that these value might be adjusted a bit to match the growth and situation.

As photo sharer, your photo will have many more chance to reach more than 53,000 users (and keep increasing) around the world. And as photo viewer, you will be happier to see uncountable cool photos directly from your mobile.

Hope that you all are happy with this new system. MOLO! ^0^