Windows Phone

March 22, 2014

After a month of Beta Testing, now MOLOME for Windows Phone is ready to move out of Beta. And as promised earlier, Instagram Sharing would be available in the full version. On MOLOME v4.0.2 onwards, you will be able to share your photo to Instagram directly from MOLOME ! Imagine, make your photo funnier with MOLOME and share it to the world to Instagram. Awesome, isn’t it?! MOLOOO ^0^

Not only that, there is also some major change on UI as you can see that the photo is now expanded to fit the screen. Bigger is better, huh !? MOLO ^0^

Update now on Windows Phone Store ! MOLO ^0^

Updated: Due to some known technical issues. Instagram sharing function has broken in this version. Please wait for the new update available in next few days to use this feature.

March 12, 2014

Another big update hits Windows Phone Store. You can now place text on the photo as well as creating Meme directly from your mobile !

Thing is very easy. To place text on your photo, just simply press “T” on the lower bar and press “T+” to add as many text as you need with 50+ selectable fonts and 32-bit adjustable color.

To create meme, just go the following steps:

To create the feeling, follow the steps:

Full Change Log:

- Text-on-Photo function added

- Meme Creator

- Feeling Creator

- Performance Improved

- Plenty of bugs fixed

Download now on Windows Phone Store ! MOLO ^0^

February 19, 2014

MOLOME for Windows Phone got an another update, Windows Phone Integration added and some critical bug fixed on Windows Phone 7.x version. MOLO ! ^0^

Windows Phone Integration

With this version of MOLOME, the application is integrated with “photo sharing” system of the Windows Phone OS. You can share the viewing photo directly from phone’s gallery through share menu. MOLO ^0^

Not just from gallery, you also can share any photo from any application supported for example, facebook, to MOLOME  with this feature. Thing will be even easier to share your photo to the world ! MOLO ^0^

Moreover, MOLOME is now integrated to Apps area inside Pictures application already. MOLO ^0^

Bug Fixed for Windows Phone 7 version

MOLOME was first available on Windows Phone 7 in the previous version (v0.9.0) but there was still some bug contained for example, some photo became black after apply the filter or slider is not slidable, etc. Thanks everyone for the bug report. Those bugs have already been fixed ! MOLO ^0^

Full Change Log

Here is the full change log for MOLOME v0.9.1 for Windows Phone

NEW: MOLOME is now appeared in Photos’ Apps Hub
NEW: You can now share photo to MOLOME from Gallery
- Fix “Black Filter” bug happened on Windows Phone 7
- Fix duplicated Push Notifications confirmation alert

Download or update now on Windows Phone Store. MOLO ^0^

February 14, 2014

MOLO must admit that MOLO is very appreciate that although MOLOME for Windows Phone is still in beta stage but it got veryyyyy high positive feedback with incredible growth. It is just like a fuel for the engine that push our team in the nest fly harder #flap #flap #flap #flap.

And here is the first update of MOLOME for Windows Phone comes with huge change which will make you even happier and funnier ! MOLO ^0^

Windows Phone 7.x Support

With pretty high demand from Windows Phone 7 users, MOLO and team worked very hard to make your wish come true and it already does ! This update of MOLOME has already support Windows Phone 7.x. It supports evey single function as Windows Phone 8 version does except one, Paid Stickers, since In-App Purchase is not technically viable in Windows Phone 7.

Now there is no limitation on Windows Phone version anymore. If you are using Windows Phone, you can use MOLOME ! Hope you all enjoy ! MOLOOO ^0^

Push Notification

You have no need to keep checking the application for the notification anymore. With real time push notification enabled in this version, you will be notify instantly if somebody interacts with you !

And don’t worry if it will bother you. You can turn it on of turn it off any time as you need. MOLO ^0^

Mission System

Gain access to exclusive stickers/frames with Mission System. Just complete mission set and claim your reward in return !

Wonder how it works? You could give a try. Simply go into Store inside the application and go to Mission Tab, looks for the Exercise MOLO stickers. Inside, you can rate the application on Windows Phone Store and then get the adorable Exercise MOLO sticker set to decorate your photo for FREE ! MOLO ^0^

Right now there are around 7 missions available. New mission will about to be added every single week. And don’t worry that you will miss it, you will be notify anytime there is new item available in the Store ! MOLO ^0^

Full Change Log

There are so many more changes on this update. You can feel that it is obviously more stable with far better performance. MOLO ^0^

Here is the full change log of this version:

- NEW: Mission System enabled. Complete the mission and claim your reward !
- NEW: Push Notification
- Add support to Windows Phone 7.x
- Store’s new item notification
- Significantly improved performance
- Improved user experience
- Smart image loading applied
- Lower memory consumption
- Fix camera wrong cropping area
- Fix camera wrong focus point
- Front-face camera bug fixed
- More than 20 known bugs fixed

This update is now available on Windows Phone Store. Download now ! MOLOOO ^0^

January 29, 2014

After a long journey, finally MOLOME has landed on Windows Phone smoothly ! MOLO ^0^

New fresh flat design

MOLOME for Windows Phone comes with the new fresh flat design we have designed for the new version of MOLOME. We chose Windows Phone to be the first platform and it perfectly fit the system ! MOLO ^0^

1st Rank in overall new+rising on Windows Phone Store

Although MOLOME for Windows Phone was quietly launched but it got very big impact. Just a day after launched, it has climbed to the 1st rank in overall new+rising on Windows Phone Store and it still be ! MOLO ^0^

Thanks a lot everyone for warm welcoming. MOLO is very excited for the number of growth. Anyway I am quite new here. If you have any suggestion for this new home, please don’t hesitate to give me feedback. MOLO >0< 

Beta Stage

As mentioned in the app name on Store, the current version of MOLOME for Windows Phone is still in beta stage. There are more features to come, for example:

  • Direct share to Instagram
  • Text on Photo
  • Meme Creator
  • Feeling Creator
  • Mission System
  • Push Notification
  • Geotagging
  • and many more !

MOLO try to release the new version for every single week to fix bug and add new feature. So Please always keep updating to the latest version ! MOLOOO ^0^

Windows Phone 7.8 support coming soon

Right now MOLOME supports only Windows Phone 8. Good news for Windows Phone 7.8 device owners, the version for WP7.8 is being tested internally and will be launched shortly. MOLO will keep you post for the status of WP7.8 supported version. MOLO ^0^

Get Started Now

MOLOME’s objective is not to compete with any other photo sharing application but to let you all decorate your photo with unique tools such as Stickers, Frames, Filters, Text and etc. to make your photo more wonderful, differnent and funnier ! After that you can share the decorated photo to the dozen of supported social network and make your friend enjoy ! MOLO ^0^

MOLOME Beta for Windows Phone is now avaiable for FREE on Windows Phone Store. You can follow the link below to download it now.

Please note that there are some countries that MOLOME isn’t allowed to be published. But MOLO could say that MOLO is trying my best to make it available on every single country on this wonderful world. MOLO ^0^

September 17, 2012

Although it is just one year and a half passed but MOLO feel that it is such a very long happy time being with you all. MOLO think it is now a perfect time to renovate. And here is what is coming soon, the all new MOLOME v3 codename “Phoenix” !!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

MOLOME v3 comes with all new things: new UI, new backend and even new thing to share. Whole systems are redesigned and re-implemented from scratch to handle the mass transaction and to handle the new kind of media. Many of new cool features will also be available on the new MOLOME. That’s why MOLOME v3 ‘s codename is “Phoenix” because it was reborn from the ashes ! MOLO ^0^

MOLOME v3 will be available in every single major smartphone platform including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BB10 shortly. The first available platform version will be launched by this month (September) while the rest are expected to be launched in this Q4. MOLO ^0^

For Symbian, MeeGo and BlackBerry OS, although Nokia and RIM have already made an announcement that they will not support those OS-es anymore but MOLO will still keep improve the MOLOME v2 on these OS-es. However MOLO could not promise whether the new version will be available on Symbian, MeeGo and BlackBerry OS or not but MOLO will try my best. MOLO ! ^0^

What’s new in MOLOME v3? MOLO will keep you up to date on this blog. Please stay tuned. MOLOOOOOO ^0^